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Ramoji Film City – World’s largest film studio complex as certified by Guinness World Records

Situated at a sprawling 1666 acres, Ramoji Film City is a famous tourist attraction and has an exhaustive thematic amusement park also. The Film City provides ultra-modern facilities for filmmakers like make-believe locales and technological support. Ramoji Film City is also a preferred destination for thematic conferences, weddings, carnivals and events.

Birla Mandir – Fascinating & Contemporary Temple

Located atop Kala Pahad, this architectural marvel is built from white marble which was brought all the way from the state of Rajasthan. The beautiful architecture is a blend of South Indian and Oriya architectural styles. There are spectacular sculptures depicting scenes from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Salarjung Museum – One of the largest private collections of antiquities in the world

Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Nizam’s prime minister, had one of the largest private collections of antiquities in the world, which were taken over by the government of India after his death. Today the Salarjung Museum is renowned the world over for its fascinating display of more than 43,000 paintings, 47,000 books and 9,000 holographs and around 300 clocks among other vintage items from across the world.

Charminar – Listed amongst India’s most recognized structures

The stately grandeur of the Charminar is Hyderabad’s global icon. The founder of Hyderabad city, Qutb Shah, constructed the Charminar in 1591. Completed in 1592, the Charminar was centerpiece surrounding which the city of Hyderabad was spread around in four quadrants and chambers, segregated according to established settlements.

Golconda Fort – Citadel with enticing acoustical system

A magnificent fortress complex, it is situated 11 kms from Hyderabad. One of its greatest engineering marvels is the fantastic acoustic effects: one handclap at a certain point below the entrance dome can be heard at the highest point of the pavilion almost a kilometer away. This was said to be used for warning the royals in case of an attack. The fort was once considered a safe haven for precious diamonds like Kohinoor and Hope diamond. Golconda mines were famed for the rich landmines.

Nehru Zoological Park – Lion Safari amidst lush greenery

Spread over 380 acres, the Hyderabad Zoo or Nehru Zoological Park. Verdant groves that are home to exotic birds and animals, the Park has facility of electric car too. A nature lover’s delight, the Park has successfully bred many indigenous and exotic birds and animals like Indian Rhinoceros, Asiatic Lions and Tigers.

Imax Theatre – World’s largest 3D IMAX screen

5-screen multiplex, fast food outlets, food court, shopping mall, gaming zone – the first IMAX theatre in south India also has the world’s largest 3D IMAX screen. It boasts of a 12,000-watt digital surround sound system, 95-feet screen and 635 seats. It also has the distinction of being India’s first green theatre.

Shilparamam – Ode to rich cultural heritage of India

An art, craft and cultural village that showcases the skills of artisans from all across India, Shilparamam has year-round festivals that present ethnicity in the backdrop of emerald green gardens, cascading waterfalls and natural rock formations.

Snow World – 200 tonnes of artificial snow

Amusement park spread over 2 acres, Snow World boasts of 200 tonnes of artificial snow on a specially designed layered flooring. It has a step-wise acclimatization system which starts from 20 degrees Celsius and gradually falls to -5 degrees Celsius.